Bootle Borough Cemetery


WWI Memorials  






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Bootle graves
Those buried in cemetery
(26334)Biography Private G T ROWBREY Herefordshire Regiment (3310) Died 13-Aug-15  
(26335)Biography Lance Corporal E A ELTON Rifle Brigade (3788) Died 24-Nov-18  
(26336)Biography Company Quartermaster Sergeant F E JOHNSON South Wales Borderers (5417) Died 01-Mar-19 Age 43
(26337)Biography Private John Coates BELL The King's Liverpool Regiment (6062) Died 18-Jul-16 Age 36
(26338)Biography Air Mechanic 1st Class Thomas Emmett McQUARRIE Royal Air Force (8033) Died 24-Oct-19 Age 22
(26339)Biography Corporal J T HOCKADAY The King's Liverpool Regiment (12355) Died 29-Apr-15 Age 51
(26340)Biography Corporal John Henry KAY Royal Army Medical Corps (12382) Died 20-Oct-14 Age 29
(26341)Biography Sergeant Abraham LOWTHIAN Cheshire Regiment (15501) Died 06-Nov-15 Age 46
(26342)Biography Acting Bombardier John ORD Royal Field Artillery (15600) Died 12-Jan-19 Age 34
(26343)Biography Private W KEWLEY South Lancashire Regiment (16362) Died 11-Jun-15  
(26344)Biography Private George Henry Albert KIRKPATRICK The King's Liverpool Regiment (16376) Died 20-Jul-16 Age 21
(26345)Biography Private Evan JENKINS South Lancashire Regiment (16652) Died 09-May-15 Age 36
(26346)Biography Private Frederick Milson FLACK The King's Liverpool Regiment (16778) Died 06-Feb-19 Age 23
(26347)Biography Private David Collier MOORHOUSE Lovat Scouts (19153) Died 25-Jan-18 Age 20
(26348)Biography Private A WILKS The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment (19664) Died 27-Oct-18 Age 23
(26349)Biography Gunner J PRESTON Royal Field Artillery (25174) Died 14-Aug-18  
(26350)Biography Private W J JONES South Wales Borderers (29265) Died 10-Mar-17  
(26351)Biography Private R KENNEDY East Lancashire Regiment (29595) Died 09-May-20  
(26352)Biography Air Mechanic 1st Class Walter Bannister IRVINE Royal Air Force (37211) Died 09-Nov-18 Age 20
(26353)Biography 2nd Corporal Arthur Bertie MILES Royal Engineers (37406) Died 31-Oct-18 Age 31
(26354)Biography Lance Corporal James KEWLEY York and Lancaster Regiment (39764) Died 17-Aug-17 Age 26
(26355)Biography Private William CARRICK Border Regiment (40373) Died 27-Nov-18 Age 21
(26356)Biography Private Thomas GRAHAM Worcestershire Regiment (47403) Died 19-Nov-18 Age 39
(26357)Biography Private John Morton EDWARDS Royal Welsh Fusiliers (49108) Died 13-Dec-16 Age 40
(26358)Biography Private Albert William PARKER The King's Liverpool Regiment (49558) Died 18-Apr-18 Age 30
(26359)Biography Private Joseph Bennett WILLIAMS The King's Liverpool Regiment (55689) Died 20-Nov-17 Age 19
(26360)Biography Sergeant William Robert Cranken NORGATE Royal Field Artillery (58168) Died 09-May-16 Age 24
(26361)Biography Private James George HALL Royal Welsh Fusiliers (58887) Died 24-Feb-17 Age 24
(26362)Biography Private H R JOHNSTON York and Lancaster Regiment (59669) Died 05-Feb-19 Age 40
(26363)Biography Private J JONES Royal Welsh Fusiliers (63445) Died 01-Jan-17 Age 29
(26364)Biography Lance Corporal Malcolm Peter MACLACHLAN Royal Engineers (64709) Died 04-May-18 Age 22
(26365)Biography Private J F HARRIS Worcestershire Regiment (69123) Died 20-Feb-19 Age 36
(26366)Biography Sapper M ABRAM Royal Engineers (78433) Died 31-Mar-20  
(26367)Biography Gunner Thomas Lawson COTTIER Machine Gun Corps Heavy Branch (78608) Died 03-Feb-17 Age 24
(26368)Biography Private A LOCKLEY The King's Regiment Liverpool (80877) Died 05-Mar-21 Age 29
(26369)Biography Private B LAWSON Sherwood Foresters Notts and Derby Regiment (103557) Died 26-Feb-19  
(26370)Biography Petty Officer 2nd Class George MacDonald McLEOD Royal Navy (110024) Died 22-Jan-18 Age 53
(26371)Biography Clerk 2nd Class E H WOODS Royal Air Force (116498) Died 17-Dec-18  
(26372)Biography Chief Armourer T J McD NISBET Royal Navy (137800) Died 07-Nov-15 Age 50
(26373)Biography Corporal W J CARDWELL Machine Gun Corps Infantry (142275) Died 13-Jun-19 Age 30
(26374)Biography Private T A LLOYD Royal Army Medical Corps (155788) Died 20-Feb-19  
(26375)Biography Able Seaman W H BRANNEY Royal Navy (202923) Died 16-May-15  
(26376)Biography Sergeant W ROBERTS The King's Liverpool Regiment (266444) Died 07-Feb-19  
(26377)Biography Private Thomas Dowling PENROSE Cheshire Regiment (268431) Died 20-Feb-19 Age 18
(26378)Biography Stoker 1st Class George NEWMAN Royal Navy (295503) Died 09-Jun-19 Age 39
(26379)Biography Private Charles Frederick LLOYD Royal Warwickshire Regiment (300169) Died 28-Dec-19 Age 39
(26380)Biography Driver William SMITH Royal Engineers (351960) Died 16-Jun-18 Age 25
(26381)Biography Private A G BRADSHAW The King's Liverpool Regiment (359901) Died 13-Feb-19 Age 21
(26382)Biography Private A EDWARDS Canadian Infantry Quebec Regiment (418378) Died 17-Feb-19  
(26383)Biography Sapper John Lloyd CLAYTON Royal Engineers (434701) Died 18-Jan-18 Age 34
(26384)Biography Private P J CLEMENTS The King's Regiment Liverpool (3757960) Died 23-Apr-21 Age 18
(26385)Biography Able Seaman George EGERTON Royal Navy (222394 [CH]) Died 26-Feb-21 Age 35
(26386)Biography Private Robert Edward LEES The King's Regiment Liverpool (5K/62) Died 08-May-21 Age 29
(26387)Biography Private William ROBINSON Royal Sussex Regiment (G/6021) Died 01-Sep-15 Age 29
(26388)Biography Able Seaman Bertrand Percy TREES Royal Navy (J/27231) Died 23-Apr-18 Age 20
(26389)Biography Able Seaman Joseph Harding THOMPSON Royal Navy (J/46436) Died 27-Dec-18 Age 27
(26390)Biography Officer's Steward 2nd Class S G LAMB Royal Navy (L/9093) Died 30-Nov-18 Age 25
(26391)Biography Able Seaman Alexander CAMPBELL Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (Mersey 3/252) Died 26-Feb-16 Age 19
(26392)Biography Ordinary Seaman J DOVER Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (Mersey Z/5864) Died 28-Oct-18 Age 18
(26393)Biography Stoker 1st Class Robert William BUSHELL Royal Navy (SS/109531) Died 02-Apr-18 Age 26
(26394)Biography Stoker 1st Class Nestor J WAREING Royal Navy (SS102404) Died 11-Apr-18  
(26395)Biography Private Alfred James Arnott FORSTER The King's Liverpool Regiment (TR/312665) Died 27-Jan-18 Age 18
(26396)Biography Chief Gunner Joseph BARROW Royal Navy       Died 29-Dec-15 Age 45
(26397)Biography Lance Corporal T A BREAKELL The King's Liverpool Regiment       Died 11-Apr-20 Age 23
(26398)Biography Trimmer J REYNARD Mercantile Marine Reserve       Died 30-Nov-18  
(26399)Biography Second Engineer J SHEAD Mercantile Marine Reserve       Died 25-Dec-18 Age 48
(26400)Biography Engineer Lieutenant James Frederick SHEPPARD Royal Naval Reserve       Died 11-Nov-18 Age 30
(26401)Biography Pantry Steward J F SUTTON Mercantile Marine       Died 18-Mar-18  
(26402)Biography Able Seaman F TENNANT Mercantile Marine       Died 17-Feb-17  
(26403)Biography Engineer Sub-Lieutenant P THOMSON Royal Naval Reserve       Died 20-Feb-19