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Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

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Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour
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Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour
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Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour
also Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour
also Service Records Library and Archives Canada

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour

Merseyside Roll of Honour


The creation of the Memorial


To the Editor.

     Sir, - We are anxious to complete our Roll of Honour of those old scholars who laid down their lives during the Great War, but are experiencing difficulty in doing so owing to the great number of removals from the district. I shall be very grateful if the relatives of those who have fallen will supply me with full names and particulars. - Yours sincerely,
LAWRENCE D. WOOD, Headmaster.
St. John's School, Bootle,
December 20th, 1919.

WALTON TIMES Friday 26th December 1919

     For the first time in nine years Bootle St.John's "Old Boys'" Association last Thursday evening held a meeting in their old schoolroom. A very strong representation of the committee was present, in addition to whom on this special occasion, invitations were extended to day school teachers in the hope that in their wisdom and experience they might help the committee with suggestions that might prove of value to the day schools and the Association.
     Mr. Geo. E. Wilkinson, president, in opening the meeting, extended a warm welcome to the Vicar Designate, the Rev. W.L.M. Prothero, the Rev. Jacob Thompson, and also the teachers for being with them that night, and expressed the gratification of the committee at again being invited to meet in their old schools.
     The Hon. Secretary, Mr. H. Wilson, read out a list of suggestions which he felt sure the Old Boys' Association were anxious should be revived.
     Mr. L.D. Wood, headmaster, reviewed the suggestions, and hoped the Association would again see their way to adopt some of them.
     It was unanimously agreed that the Old Boys' Association special prizes to each standard in the school (boys, girls and infants) should again be presented. It was also agreed to hold a swimming gala in September for present-day boys and girls, and also for old boys and old girls, the Association guaranteeing the necessary prizes, &c., in addition it was left to Mr. Hall to let the Association know in what way they could be the most useful to the present scholars in encouraging them in football and their other outdoor recreation.
     It was unanimously agreed, after a very interesting discussion that the time was much overdue for a suitable memorial to be provided in the day school to their former head master, the late Mr. Adam Kay, and coupled with this was also the long deferred War Memorial to those Old Boys of St.John's School (both very proud and revered memories to all members). It was decided that fuller details of these matters should be discussed at the next committee meeting. The Vicar designate, who received a great welcome, expressed his pleasure at being present, and after thanking all for their very keen interest and determination to do all they could for the welfare of their old schools, suggested that they should consider at a later date what practical use could be made of the Parish Halls with a view to keeping the younger men and interesting them in their old schools and church. This will receive the favourable consideration of the committee.
     The usual afternoon service for Old Boys on the anniversary Sunday next year has been left with Mr. Prothero, to arrange when he takes up his ministry in the parish.
     Mr. L.D. Wood and Mr. J.T. Hall were unanimously added to the Committee of Management, and Mr. W.B. Spencer as a representative on the committee for the proposed Charles Lester Memorial Fund.
     Mr. Prothero ably gauged the feelings of all present in wishing the president, Mr. Geo. E. Wilkinson, the best of luck in the forthcoming Bisley meeting, his remarks being received with great enthusiasm.
     A very pleasant, profitable and enthusiastic meeting then closed.

WALTON TIMES Friday 9th July 1920

     A special general meeting of St.John's Old Boys' Association was held on Wednesday night at the day school to consider the Committee's report and to decide on the form the Adam Kay and the Old Boys' War Memorials, to be placed in the school, should take.
     It was resolved that the scheme should be carried out; that tablets should be erected, and also to provide suitable photographic enlargements of Mr. Adam Kay and the late Mr. W.H. Parry, past presidents. A War Memorial to contain the names of old boys who fell during the War will be arranged for. The Committee further hope to be able to establish an Adam Kay Scholarship to the Secondary School for Boys of St.John's Day Schools.  
     The Committee are anxious to receive at the earliest possible moment the names of St.John's old boys who fell during the War for insertion on the Roll of Honour. Information should be sent to the hon. secretary, Mr. H. Wilson, 13, Warwick-road, or to Mr. W. Hobley, 265, Bedford-road, Bootle.

WALTON TIMES Friday 24th September 1920



     Members of St.John's Old Boys' Association responded cordially to an invitation to attend their parish church on Sunday evening. The service was of a semi-memorial character in tribute to their late secretary (Mr. Harry Wilson), whose death and interment were reported in our last week's issue.
     Preaching on the subject of sympathy, the Rev. W.L.M. Prothero, vicar, spoke of the great sorrow they all experienced when they heard of Mr. Wilson's death. The large and representative gathering at his funeral testified eloquently of the respect and affection entertained for him. Educated at St. John's School, he had been connected with their parish organisations all his life. He gave his heart to their Old Boys' Association, and his earnest anxiety had been to witness the completion of the Adam Kay and the Old Boys' Memorials. Two outstanding features of Mr. Wilson's character were that whatever he undertook he put his heart and soul into it, and the other that he was without doubt a man of his word. If he said he would do anything he did it. Throughout the short period - only two months - that he (Mr. Protheroe) had been with them he had received the greatest kindness and help from their late friend. In the name of their congregation and of many Bootle friends, he tendered their deep sympathy to those whom Mr. Wilson had left behind, and trusted they would receive solace and help from the source which would serve them best of all.
     After service Mr. A. Caunce gave a sympathetic rendering of the Dead March from "Saul."

WALTON TIMES Friday 26th November 1920

     The 18th Annual Meeting was held in the Day Schools on the 16th inst., a fair number of members being present. The president, Mr. G.E. Wilkinson, was in the chair, and in his opening remarks spoke of the severe loss the Association had sustained in the Death of the late secretary, Mr. Harry Wilson. As a token of respect to his memory all present stood in silence for a few moments.
     In the absence of the hon. treasurer (Mr. J.H. Hort), the acting secretary (Mr. William Hobley) was called upon to read the balance sheet for the past session. This showed a substantial balance on the right side, and the treasurer was congratulated on same.
     The Vicar of St.John's (Rev. W.L.M. Protheroe, M.A.), was unanimously elected patron. Mr. G.E. Wilkinson was re-elected President, there being no desire to make a change. Mr. Wilkinson has been President during the inauguration of the Kay Memorial and the War Memorial, and it was thought most desirable that he should retain his office whilst it was being carried through. The whole of the Vice-Presidents were re-elected. The committee for the coming year was elected as follows:- Messrs. J.W. & G. Anderson, J. Taylor, J.T. Hall, H.E. Wilson, C.H. Musker, Sid Birkett, R. Jackson, F. Haughton, J.H. Morris, L.D. Wood, and C.H. Dumbell. Mr. J.H. Hort was unanimously re-elected hon. treasurer.
     The election of hon. secretary was considered one of the most important items on the agenda, as owing to the loss the Association had sustained through the death of Mr. H. Wilson, the future of the Association largely depended on this appointment. Several names were put forward, but all declined owing to other engagements. Eventually one of the members present Mr. Daniel Shone, allowed his name to be put forward, and he was unanimously elected. - Mr. Shone, responding, said that it would be his endeavour to serve the Association as well as his predecessor had done, but this could not be without the hearty co-operation of the whole of the executive and the members, and he was relying on their support. - Mr. William Hobley (past president and acting secretary), promised to give him all the assistance in his power to make the Association a greater success than ever.
     Regarding the Adam Kay and War Memorials, it was decided to close the subscription list on March 31st, and all "Old Boys" and friends how have not yet subscribed to these worthy objects will greatly oblige by sending donations large and small, to Mr. Wm. Hobley, 265, Bedford-road, Bootle. It  has been decided that the unveiling ceremony shall take place on Friday evening, April 8th, the War Memorial to be unveiled by the President and the Adam Kay Memorial by the "Oldest Old Boy," Mr. J.C. Welsh. Owing to this function the March social has been cancelled.
     The local Press was heartily thanked for the publicity given to the various meetings and functions of the Association.

WALTON TIMES Friday 25th February 1921

     Mr. W. Hobley writes:- "I would like to inform the many "Old Boys" of Bootle St.John's and subscribers of the Adam Kay and War Memorial Tablets that the unveiling ceremony will take place in the Day Schools on Friday evening, April 8th, at 8 p.m.

WALTON TIMES Friday 1st April 1921



     There was a touching and impressive ceremony at St.John's School, Bootle, on Friday evening, when memorials were unveiled in honour of the old boys who fell in the war, of Mr. Adam Kay (late Headmaster of the school), and the late Mr. Wm.H. Parry, former president of the Old Boys' Association.  
     The schoolroom was crowded with "old boys," relatives of the fallen, and subscribers, those present including Alderman Barbour, J.P., Dr. Turner, Messrs. J.J. Bailey, R. Bayliff, H.R. Kay, W.J. Parry, Fred Smith, W.B. Spencer, Jos. Stewart, J.C. Welsh, J.D. Welsh, T.G. Anderson, S. Birkett, J. Taylor, J.H. Hort, A. Allsop, C.H. Allsop, C.P. Brown, W.R. Ellison, Bert Ellison, T. Fishwick, J. Quayle, H. Ellis, G. Shaw, J.W. Shaw, W.W. Shacklady, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Harry Wilson, Mrs. Davenport, Miss Parry, Misses Kay, Mrs. Bobley, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Turner.
     The proceedings opened with the hymn, "Fight the Good Fight," the singing being led by the choir, and Mr. Caunce, organist of St.Johns', playing the pianoforte accompaniments.


     The hon. secretary of St.John's Old Boys' Association, Mr. Wm. Hobley, in the course of an address, explained that the delay in erecting the memorials was unavoidable. He also referred to the efforts of the late secretary, Mr. Harry Wilson, who was the most enthusiastic worker in connection with the arranging of that ceremony, and remarked that the "old boys" deeply regretted that Mr. Wilson did not live to see the success of his labours. On their behalf he extended the deepest sympathy to Mr. Wilson's widow and mother, both of whom were present. In conclusion he said the Adam Kay memorial would be unveiled by the oldest "old boy," Mr. John C. Welsh, and the war memorial by their President, Mr. George E. Wilkinson, late Q.M.S. of the 7th King's Liverpool Regt.
     Before unveiling the Adam Kay memorial, Mr. Welsh said the late headmaster was a man who gained the respect, esteem, and affection of his scholars, and many of the old boys needing advice and sympathy found him a kind, helpful friend. Mr. Welsh also spoke of the estimable character of the late president, Mr. Wm.H. Parry.
     The memorials were then unveiled. The Adam Kay memorial was a simple brass mural tablet inscribed: "To the glory of God and in grateful remembrance of Adam Kay, forty-five years' headmaster of St.John's School, Bootle, 1865-1910. 'Thou wert my guide, philosopher, and friend.' This memorial was erected by scholars and members of the Old Boys' Association, in the year, 1921." Above the tablet is a framed portrait of Mr. Kay. A portrait of Mr. W.H. Parry was also unveiled.
     All joined in singing the hymn, "Oh God, our help in ages past." The Vicar, the Rev. W.L.M. Protheroe, read a portion of the 3rd Chapter of the Book of Wisdom, beginning "The souls of the righteous are in the hands of God."


     In the course of a sympathetic address, Mr. Wood, Headmaster of St.John's School, said the two ceremonies they had witnessed were closely linked, for many of the boys whose names appeared on the tablet spent the whole of their school life in Mr. Kay's charge, and they saw in the sacrifice they made some of the results of his training. The teachers felt the loss of those lads very deeply, and as boys the teachers would always think of them. Their names would always be before the boys of that school in future, and their example an incentive to the noblest acts. He concluded with an earnest hope that all would be inspired with the same spirit which prompted those gallant boys to make the great sacrifice, and that the peace they had secured would be carefully kept (loud applause).
     Mr. George E. Wilkinson said no words of his were needed, for the memory of those who had fallen would always be fresh in the memory of the dear ones they left behind. He hoped the memorial would last as long, and longer, as the school lasted.
     The ceremony of unveiling the war memorial was very touching. All present stood reverently while the Union Jack which veiled the brass tablets was drawn aside by Mr. G.E. Wilkinson, and the inscription was read as follows:- "To the Glory of God and in loving memory of the Old Boys of St.John's School, Bootle, who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War, 1914-1918. 'Their name liveth for ever.' Erected by the Old Boys' Association in the year 1921." The names on the Tablet of those to be commemorated, read by Mr. Hall, are:-
J. Asbury,
A. Burnett,
J. Burton,
S.R. Bolton,
W.G. Boyce,
P.E. Beigin,
T.W. Beech,
G. Cawsey,
J. Davenport,
G. Edwards,
J. Fisher,
Alfred Forrester,
Andrew Forrester,
W. Forrester,
T. Hughes,
W. Hutchinson,
T.P. Hesketh,
G. King,
I. McNeilly,
T. Moss,
J. Miller,
W. Miller,
T.L. Morgan,
C. Matthews,
J. Quirk,
W.G. Rogerson,
R.H. Penny,
G. Parsons,
R. Parsonage,
T. Southern,
J. Snape,
J. Stoddart,
B. Shaw,
A. Troup,
W. Jack,
A. Williamson,
W.G. Williams,
H. Williams,
A. Wilde,
H. Wood,
S. Youde,
R.J. Roberts,
R.L. Shaw,
T. Baldwin,
W.H. Pinnington,
E. Pennington,
W. Stevens,
J.A. Bowen,
T. Ashcroft,
J. Crosbie,
A. Williams,
W. Thompson,
J. Ellison,
R. Chew,
J.J. Parker,
H. Reid,
G. Dixon,
J. Johnson,
E. Wennerstrand,
T.W. Russell,
J.W. Tilley,
J. Balderston.
     The Last Post was sounded by buglers of the 7th King's, and after a short interval of poignant silence, the notes of "Reveille" rang out. The simple ceremony closed with the hymn, "For all the Saints."
     The Vicar said he was sure there was not one present who had not been touched by memories which that service has bound to bring. They all deeply appreciated the act of the Old Boys' Association in erecting that memorial, and the work of the former secretary, who was such a friend to all. He also said they could not but admire the faith and courage of a man like Mr. Wood, who, having given his own boy for his country, could give such an inspiring and touching address. Speaking of the splendid spirit of our fighting men during the war, the Vicar made a plea for a revival of that spirit of unity and devotion to duty (applause).
     The service was concluded with the National Anthem.

WALTON TIMES Friday 14th April 1921