Seaforth and Waterloo Civic Memorial








Names on Memorial
(4831) Biography   E J ACLAND                
(4832) Biography   R ACTON                
(4833) Biography   A ADAMS                
(4834) Biography   C F ADAMS                
(4835) Biography   H ADAMS                
(4836) Biography   A ALCOCK                
(4837) Biography   J ALCOCK                
(4838) Biography   J P ALCOCK                
(4839) Biography   S ALCOCK                
(4840) Biography   W ALDCROFT                
(4841) Biography   A L ALLEN                
(4842) Biography   J ANDERSON                
(4843) Biography   J H ARMES                
(4844) Biography   P F ARNOLD                
(4845) Biography   L ASHCROFT                
(4846) Biography   S ASHCROFT                
(4847) Biography   C H ASHWORTH                
(4848) Biography   H S AUSTIN                
(4849) Biography   R H BAKER                
(4850) Biography   R A BALL                
(4851) Biography   T J BALL                
(4852) Biography   H BARKER                
(4853) Biography   C BARTLETT                
(4854) Biography   G BATES                
(4855) Biography   W H BATES                
(4856) Biography   T BAXTER                
(4857) Biography   G BEESLEY                
(4858) Biography   F H BELL                
(4859) Biography   P BELL                
(4860) Biography   A BELLIS                
(4861) Biography   R BILLINGTON                
(4862) Biography   H J BIRCH                
(4863) Biography   J BIRCH                
(4864) Biography   F V BIRD                
(4865) Biography   W BIRD                
(4866) Biography   H L BIRKETT                
(4867) Biography   R BLACKBURN                
(4868) Biography   F C BOADLE                
(4869) Biography   J H BOLTON                
(4870) Biography   C J BOURNE                
(4871) Biography   J BRADLEY                
(4872) Biography   A BRANDWOOD                
(4873) Biography   E R C BRECKELL                
(4874) Biography   R L BRECKELL                
(4875) Biography   E P BRECKENRIDGE                
(4876a) Biography   A BREMAN                
(4876) Biography   A BRENNAN                
(4877) Biography   J BRETHERTON                
(4878) Biography   H BRIDGE                
(4879) Biography   E BRIGGS                
(4880) Biography   E G BROCK                
(4881) Biography   A E BROOKES                
(4882) Biography   J BROWN                
(4883) Biography   J BROWN                
(4884) Biography   T S BROWN                
(4885) Biography   A J BUCHAN                
(4886) Biography   F BUNKHALL                
(4887) Biography   B BURNS                
(4888) Biography   R BURNS                
(4889) Biography   J BURROWS                
(4890) Biography   A G BUSH                
(4891) Biography   N H CAIRD                
(4892) Biography   N CALEY                
(4893) Biography   J J CALLAGHAN                
(4894) Biography   P J CALLAGHAN                
(4895) Biography   T CALLAGHAN                
(4896) Biography   J CANNON                
(4897) Biography   F CAREW                
(4898) Biography   E W CARTER                
(4899) Biography   J CASEY                
(4900) Biography   W B CHADWICK                
(4901) Biography   R R CHARNOCK                
(4902) Biography   W CLARK                
(4903) Biography   H CLAY                
(4904) Biography   G CLAYTON                
(4905) Biography   N CLEARY                
(4906) Biography   W COLE                
(4907) Biography   G CONWAY                
(4908) Biography   J N COOPE                
(4909) Biography   J E COOPER                
(4910) Biography   J T CORCORAN                
(4911) Biography   J A CORDER                
(4912) Biography   R CORKHILL                
(4913) Biography   W E CORKINDALE                
(4914) Biography   E COUSINS                
(4915) Biography   D COWAP                
(4916) Biography   J COYLE                
(4917) Biography   P COYLE                
(4918) Biography   J CRAIG                
(4919) Biography   D W CRAWFORD                
(4920) Biography   T CRAWFORD                
(4921) Biography   J H CULLEN                
(4922) Biography   A CUNNINGHAM                
(4923) Biography   R CUNNINGHAM                
(4924) Biography   W C CUNNINGHAM                
(4925) Biography   R N CUTHBERT                
(4926) Biography   L DALGLISH                
(4927) Biography   G S DALTON                
(4928) Biography   P DALTON                
(4929) Biography   G H DAMSELL                
(4930) Biography   S H DAVEY                
(4931) Biography   J DAVIDSON                
(4932) Biography   L DAVIES                
(4933) Biography   W DAVIES                
(4934) Biography   D DAWKINS                
(4935) Biography   G H DAYMOND                
(4936) Biography   J DEAN                
(4937) Biography   W V DEANE                
(4938) Biography   W DEAR                
(4939) Biography   C L DEVINE                
(4940) Biography   J DOUGLAS                
(4941) Biography   A DUFF                
(4942) Biography   S H DUFF                
(4943) Biography   W D DUFF                
(4944) Biography   T DUFFY                
(4945) Biography   W DUNCAN                
(4946) Biography   T G DYKES                
(4947) Biography   R J EDWARDS                
(4948) Biography   F EGGLESTON                
(4949) Biography   F A (F J) ELLAMS                
(4950) Biography   J O ELLAMS                
(4951) Biography   T ELLIOT                
(4952) Biography   A F (A E) EVANS                
(4953) Biography   F W EVANS                
(4954) Biography   N E EVANS                
(4955) Biography   W EVANS                
(4956) Biography   G FAIRCLOUGH                
(4957) Biography   A FAIRHURST                
(4958) Biography   R E FELL                
(4959) Biography   J W FINDLOW                
(4960) Biography   F O FINNESSY                
(4961) Biography   T FLAHERTY                
(4962) Biography   R E FODEN                
(4963) Biography   W C FORBES                
(4964) Biography   D P FOX                
(4965) Biography   G (H) FOX                
(4966) Biography   G FRANCIS                
(4967) Biography   F FRASER                
(4968) Biography   C (H) FRYER                
(4969) Biography   W C (W G) GARDNER                
(4970) Biography   T GASKELL                
(4971a) Biography   H GEE                
(4971) Biography   C GEE                
(4972) Biography   E GEORGE                
(4973) Biography   W E GERRARD                
(4974) Biography   T F GILLETT                
(4975) Biography   G A GLOVER                
(4976) Biography   W GOODE                
(4977) Biography   R GORMAN                
(4978a) Biography   B GRAHAM                
(4978) Biography   E GRAHAM                
(4979) Biography   N GRAHAM                
(4980) Biography   A E GREEN                
(4981) Biography   W A GREENHOW                
(4982) Biography   A E GRIEVE                
(4983) Biography   J GRIEVE                
(4984) Biography   D GRIFFIN                
(4985) Biography   T V GRIFFIN                
(4986) Biography   G T GRIFFITHS                
(4987) Biography   H S (H J) GRIFFITHS                
(4988) Biography   W D GUNSON                
(4989) Biography   G A HALL                
(4990) Biography   G W HALL                
(4991) Biography   E M (B M) HALLIDAY                
(4992) Biography   J A HAMILTON                
(4993) Biography   W H HAMILTON                
(4994) Biography   J J HAMPSON                
(4995) Biography   E HAMPTON                
(4996) Biography   D C HANDLIN                
(4997a) Biography   O HANSOM                
(4997) Biography   O HANSON                
(4998) Biography   J F HARDMAN                
(4999) Biography   W HARDMAN                
(5000) Biography   L HARRIS                
(5001) Biography   C G HARRISON                
(5002) Biography   D J HARRISON                
(5003) Biography   F C HARRISON                
(5004) Biography   J HARRISON                
(5005) Biography   R HARRISON                
(5006) Biography   W HARRISON                
(5007) Biography   C J HARVEY                
(5008) Biography   A T HASPREY                
(5009) Biography   E B HATFIELD                
(5010) Biography   J B HAYBYRNE                
(5011) Biography   J HEANEY                
(5012) Biography   J R HEANEY                
(5013) Biography   J HEAPS                
(5014) Biography   N C HEAPS                
(5015) Biography   C HEPTONSTALL                
(5016) Biography   B W HEY                
(5017) Biography   A HILL                
(5018) Biography   J HILTON                
(5019) Biography   J C HILTON                
(5020) Biography   H P HINTON                
(5021) Biography   Agnes B HIRD                
(5022) Biography   E E HODGSON                
(5023) Biography   H L HOLLAND                
(5024) Biography   E G HOLT                
(5025) Biography   W T HOLT                
(5026) Biography   R HOOD                
(5027) Biography   T J HOUGHTON                
(5028) Biography   J HOWARD                
(5029) Biography   P HOWARD                
(5030) Biography   W HOWARD                
(5031) Biography   H S HUDSON                
(5032) Biography   J HUGHES                
(5033) Biography   J HUGHES                
(5034) Biography   J G HUGHES                
(5035) Biography   W HUGHES                
(5036) Biography   W A HUGHES                
(5037) Biography   W W K HUME                
(5038) Biography   G HYLAND                
(5039) Biography   L IRELAND                
(5040) Biography   W E IRELAND                
(5041) Biography   A F (A) JAMES                
(5042) Biography   R (F) JAMES                
(5043) Biography   A E JOHNSON                
(5044a) Biography   G M JOHNSTON                
(5044) Biography   G M JOHNSON                
(5045) Biography   R R JOHNSON                
(5046a) Biography   W H JOHNSTON                
(5046) Biography   W H JOHNSON                
(5047) Biography   E JONES                
(5048) Biography   Florence JONES                
(5049) Biography   H JONES                
(5050) Biography   H A JONES                
(5051) Biography   H L JONES                
(5052) Biography   R H JONES                
(5053) Biography   W JONES                
(5054) Biography   W H JONES                
(5055) Biography   J A KAY                
(5056) Biography   F KEILANS                
(5057) Biography   J KELLOND                
(5058) Biography   A KELLY                
(5059) Biography   J KELLY                
(5060) Biography   Elizabeth KENNEDY                
(5061) Biography   J KEWLEY                
(5062) Biography   J H P KILSHAW                
(5063) Biography   J KIRBY                
(5064) Biography   R KIRBY                
(5065) Biography   A KNIGHT                
(5066) Biography   G LAMB                
(5067) Biography   J LAWSON                
(5068) Biography   J LAWSON                
(5069) Biography   R LAWSON                
(5070) Biography   G LE ROUGETEL                
(5071) Biography   E LEATHERBARROW                
(5072) Biography   J LEDGER                
(5073) Biography   J LEE                
(5074) Biography   C LEES                
(5075) Biography   C H LEWIS                
(5076) Biography   F E LEWIS                
(5077) Biography   G J LIGHT                
(5078) Biography   W S LIMRICK                
(5079) Biography   W H LOCKETT                
(5080) Biography   L LONSDALE                
(5081) Biography   R C LOUIS                
(5082) Biography   H J LOVETT                
(5083) Biography   E LOWE                
(5084) Biography   F LUCAS                
(5085) Biography   F F MABBS                
(5086) Biography   C B MACKIE                
(5087) Biography   S MADDICK                
(5088) Biography   F MAINEY                
(5089) Biography   W G MALLINSON                
(5090) Biography   J MARTIN                
(5091) Biography   E MASON                
(5092) Biography   C MAWDSLEY                
(5093) Biography   A R MAY                
(5094) Biography   P McCABE                
(5095) Biography   J McCONNAN                
(5096) Biography   J McCORMICK                
(5097) Biography   E A McDOUGALL                
(5098) Biography   H C McGINITY                
(5099) Biography   R McGOWAN                
(5100) Biography   J McKENNA                
(5101) Biography   T McKNIGHT                
(5102) Biography   L McLOUGHLIN                
(5103) Biography   J McNAMARA                
(5104) Biography   E MEERIN                
(5105) Biography   J MELIA                
(5106) Biography   T MIDGLEY                
(5107) Biography   C N MITCHELL                
(5108) Biography   A MOORCROFT                
(5109) Biography   C C MOORE                
(5110) Biography   F X MOORHOUSE                
(5111) Biography   W MORELAND                
(5112) Biography   G MORGAN                
(5113) Biography   J R MORGAN                
(5114) Biography   P F MORGAN                
(5115) Biography   R MORGAN                
(5116) Biography   S MORGAN                
(5117) Biography   T F MORGAN                
(5118) Biography   E MORRIS                
(5119) Biography   W H MOSS                
(5120) Biography   W H MUIR                
(5121) Biography   L MULHOLLAND                
(5122) Biography   J MULLARKEY                
(5123) Biography   R MURDOCH                
(5124) Biography   J P NEAL                
(5125) Biography   E R NELSON                
(5126) Biography   H NEWELL                
(5127) Biography   A C NORRIS                
(5128) Biography   W O'CONNOR                
(5129) Biography   W O'HARE                
(5130) Biography   R OLIVER                
(5131) Biography   R S ORDISH                
(5132) Biography   M O'REILY                
(5133) Biography   A L ORME                
(5134) Biography   F ORMEROD                
(5135) Biography   M O'ROURKE                
(5136) Biography   I ap R OWEN                
(5137) Biography   W B OWENS                
(5138) Biography   H PACKWOOD                
(5139) Biography   W PACKWOOD                
(5140) Biography   T F PARKES                
(5141) Biography   W PARR                
(5142) Biography   D T PARRY                
(5143) Biography   J S PATERSON                
(5144) Biography   T PATERSON                
(5145) Biography   T E PEARCE                
(5146) Biography   W PEARCE                
(5147) Biography   H PEMBERTON                
(5148) Biography   W PENKETH                
(5149) Biography   N PENLINGTON                
(5150) Biography   J PERRY                
(5151) Biography   F D PHILLIPS                
(5152) Biography   B PLANT                
(5153) Biography   G E T POOLE                
(5154) Biography   W A POWELL                
(5155) Biography   E L PRATT                
(5156) Biography   J PRATT                
(5157) Biography   J PRESTON                
(5158) Biography   F H PRICE                
(5159) Biography   J PRICE                
(5160) Biography   H PRUDEN                
(5161) Biography   C PUGH                
(5162) Biography   R C PURVIS                
(5163) Biography   J F QUINLIN                
(5164) Biography   J P QUINN                
(5165) Biography   R RAINFORD                
(5166) Biography   F REDHEAD                
(5167) Biography   W H REED                
(5168) Biography   A RIGBY                
(5169) Biography   J RIGBY                
(5170) Biography   R J RIX                
(5171) Biography   A ROBERTS                
(5172) Biography   C A L ROBERTS                
(5173) Biography   N F ROBERTS                
(5174) Biography   S ROBERTS                
(5175) Biography   V H ROBERTS                
(5176) Biography   W S ROBERTS                
(5177) Biography   J ROBERTSHAW                
(5178) Biography   M ROBINSON                
(5179) Biography   G ROGERS                
(5180) Biography   G RONNAN                
(5181) Biography   H ROSS                
(5182) Biography   E ROWSON                
(5183) Biography   C L RYDER                
(5184) Biography   F E SANDERS                
(5185) Biography   J H SANKEY                
(5186) Biography   E D SAVAGE                
(5187) Biography   C (V) SCOTT                
(5188) Biography   P SHARP                
(5189) Biography   A SHAW                
(5190) Biography   J E SHAW                
(5191) Biography   A SIMPSON                
(5192) Biography   R SINGLETON                
(5193) Biography   A T SMART                
(5194) Biography   C N SMITH                
(5195) Biography   E B SMITH                
(5196) Biography   J SMITH                
(5197) Biography   R SMITH                
(5198) Biography   V SMITH                
(5199) Biography   W SMITH                
(5200) Biography   W SMITHSON                
(5201) Biography   W SPEDDING                
(5202) Biography   W SPENCER                
(5203) Biography   H B SPITTLEHOUSE                
(5204) Biography   H F SPRATT                
(5205) Biography   J SPRING                
(5206) Biography   F STAFFORD                
(5207) Biography   R STARK                
(5208) Biography   C STEWART                
(5209) Biography   N E STEWART                
(5210) Biography   N J STEWART                
(5211) Biography   T STEWART                
(5212) Biography   H STONE                
(5213) Biography   D D STURROCK                
(5214) Biography   G SUMNER                
(5215) Biography   J SUMNER                
(5216) Biography   D SWEENEY                
(5217) Biography   R SWIFT                
(5218) Biography   T J SWIFT                
(5219) Biography   A TABRON                
(5220) Biography   T TABRON                
(5221) Biography   E S TAYLOR                
(5222) Biography   G TAYLOR                
(5223) Biography   B TEAGUE                
(5224) Biography   T TEAGUE                
(5225) Biography   E THOMPSON                
(5226) Biography   H TIBBLES                
(5227a) Biography   H TOD                
(5227) Biography   H TODD                
(5228) Biography   J P TURNBULL                
(5229) Biography   R TURNER                
(5230) Biography   C W UNSWORTH                
(5231) Biography   L J WAKEFIELD                
(5232) Biography   T B WAKEFIELD                
(5233) Biography   C WAKEFORD                
(5234) Biography   H WAKEFORD                
(5235) Biography   J WALKER                
(5236) Biography   T WALSH                
(5237) Biography   C WALTERS                
(5238) Biography   H WARBURTON                
(5239) Biography   W WARREN                
(5240) Biography   A B WATERHOUSE                
(5241) Biography   A P WATSON                
(5242) Biography   M WEBSTER                
(5243) Biography   T W WEBSTER                
(5244) Biography   H WELBOURNE                
(5245) Biography   S WESTACOTT                
(5246) Biography   O WESTON                
(5247) Biography   J WETHERLEY                
(5248) Biography   W F WHITEHEAD                
(5249) Biography   E C WILCOCK                
(5250) Biography   F C WILLIAMS                
(5251) Biography   H W WILLIAMS                
(5252) Biography   H WILSON                
(5253) Biography   J WILSON                
(5254) Biography   E W WOOD                
(5255) Biography   J WOOD                
(5256) Biography   T WORTH                
(5257) Biography   H J WRIGHT                
(5258) Biography   W YULE                
(5259) Biography   F H ZACHARIAS                

The creation of the Memorial

    The war memorial which Waterloo-with-Seaforth is erecting to its fallen heroes is to take the form of a monument inscribed with the names of the dead.
    The District Council decided on Tuesday evening that the site should be the "Five Lamps," at the junction of Great George's-road and Crosby-road - a central spot on the main thoroughfares through the district. The position of the lamps is to be altered so that they surround the cenotaph.

WALTON TIMES Friday 2nd July 1920



     The Waterloo War Memorial Committee have, after much deliberation, definitely selected a design for the monument to be erected in memory of local men who fell in the war.
     The design is the work of Mr. F.W. Doyle Jones, R.B.S., and was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1919.
     The memorial, the height of which is 23 feet, will be erected on the site of the present five lamps at the junction between Waterloo and Seaforth. In addition to an inscription on the front, the names of the fallen will be engraved on the panels at the side. The committee trust that relatives and friends will send in the names of the latter to the Town Hall, Waterloo, at once.
     The additional sum of 200 is still needed to cover the cost of the memorial, and it is hoped that those who have not as yet contributed, or who withheld their contribution until the exact form of memorial was decided on, will now send their donations without delay to Mr. T.E. Lomas, hon. treasurer, London Joint City and Midland Bank, Seaforth.

WALTON TIMES Friday 11th March 1921



     The ordinary monthly meeting of the Waterloo Urban District Council was held at Waterloo Town Hall on Monday evening, when Coun. Bamber Baron (chairman) presided.
     A letter was read from the architect for the Waterloo War Memorial, which it was stated would be ready for unveiling on Oct. 29th. To abide by the stipulation of the Council that five lamps be erected in place of the original ones which will be displaced by the memorial, would, said the architect, give the scheme a very crowded appearance, and he trusted therefore the Council could waive their decision.
     After discussion as to the advisability of retaining such an old landmark as the "Five Lamps," it was resolved that the matter be referred to the War Memorial Committee with power to act as they considered best.

WALTON TIMES Friday 7th October 1921



     The Waterloo war memorial, to be erected on the site of the "five lamps," Crosby-road, will be unveiled by Col. Buckley, M.P., on Saturday, the 29th inst., following a combined service in the Town Hall. Upon the Memorial will be inscribed the names of 400 local men who made the supreme sacrifice.
     The "five lamps," which have been a well-known landmark for many years, have been removed, and will be replaced by five lights round the memorial, a handsome ornamental stone block surmounted by a sculptured figure emblematic of Peace.

WALTON TIMES Friday 14th October 1921

     The tumult and shouting of the war has died away in the past three years. The world is not much changed, and there is danger lest we forget - forget the sacrifices and the sorrow of that period, forget the high ideals, the noble deeds, the suffering and the endurance, forget all those young lives so splendidly flung away. So it is fitting that there should be memorials, memorials of all we owe to our noble dead, and to our noble living.
     The people of Waterloo and Seaforth gathered together on Saturday afternoon to witness the unveiling of the memorial they have raised in honour of nearly four hundred men and women of the district who gave their lives in the war. The occasion was one of sad solemnity. It was in touching contrast to the noise and excitement of war time; it brought back memories of the merry swing of columns of men on route march, of the music of military bands, and the cheery whistling accompaniments; and then of those sad days when never morning wore to evening but some mother's heart was broken. It brought back memories of those mad days of hurry and shouting and wild enthusiasm. Now all that is over, the world has other interests, and only those who mourn remember.
     The monument, square column of granite, on which are engraved the names of the fallen, is surmounted with the bronze figure of an angel, beautifully poised, with outspread wings, bearing the olive branch, and holding on high a laurel wreath, representing Victory bringing Peace. It is inscribed "In proud and grateful memory of the men and women of Waterloo-with-Seaforth, who gave their lives in the Great War, 1914-1919"; and after the names, "Faithful unto Death." It stands at a central point between Waterloo and Seaforth, and was transformed by Saturday's ceremony, with its prayers and reverence, sad music, and beautiful flowers, and countless little tokens of love and affection, from merely a piece of interesting sculpture, and consecrated a real memorial, guardian of tender, gracious memories.
     Before the unveiling ceremony a short, simple service was held at Waterloo Town Hall, led by the Rev. Canon Dickson, the ministers of all the local churches (with the exception of the Catholic) took part. The hymns, "How bright these glorious spirits shine," and Kipling's Recessional were sung. There were a few short prayers, breathing of comfort and hope, and after the blessing the assembly walked in procession to the site of the memorial, where a great crowd had assembled.
     The unveiling ceremony was performed by Colonel Buckley, D.S.O., M.P. for Waterloo Division, who was formally requested to do so by Coun. Bamber Baron, J.P., Chairman of the Council. The chairmen of Litherland and Great Crosby Councils were also present. The scene was very impressive. Drawn up in front of the memorial was a detachment of the King's Liverpool Regiment, forming a Guard of Honour; by them was the Band of the Old Comrades' Association; there were Boy Scouts carrying standards with narrow black streamers; sailor boys, and nurses of the St.John Ambulance Brigade.


     Colonel Buckley said he felt himself highly honoured in being asked to perform the unveiling ceremony. Nearly 400 names were engraved on the memorial, a splendid and at the same time deplorable record - splendid in the high standard of duty; deplorable because of the loss of so many valuable lives. That was not the occasion for much speaking. Their thoughts were too deep, and their hearts were too full; but there were two things he would like to say - things which were apt to be over-looked in these times. We lived in difficult days; problems seeming well nigh insoluble confronted us, and we were apt to be too depressed and despondent about them.
     We had lost a great deal - our wealth, our prosperity. But there was one thing we had not lost, our liberty, and given that, there was nothing we might not recover, and nothing we might not achieve. We owed our liberty to the men who had died for us. That memorial stood for heroism, a great and noble quality, and we did well to honour it.
     "Remember what those men died for," Colonel Buckley concluded, "and here, under this beautiful statue of Victory, holding out the olive branch of Peace, I feel I can make an appeal that must go home to you on this occasion. The world more than anything else needs peace. Let us work and strive for that with all our hearts. We owe it to the memory of those who are gone that we leave no stone unturned to render peace possible for many years to come."
     In the midst of a profound silence Colonel Buckley then drew aside the veil, and the beautiful figure stood revealed against the clear sky. The Vicar of Seaforth, the Rev. the Hon. S.H. Phillimore, M.A., M.C., dedicated the memorial. The Guard of Honour presented arms, and then unfixed their bayonets, and stood with arms reversed and bowed heads while the sad thrilling notes of the Last Post rang out. As the last note died away there was complete silence for a few moments. It was a touching scene as people came to place wreaths at the base of the memorial, which was soon completely covered with beautiful flowers. Councillor Baron placed there a large wreath from the members of the Council; a wreath of red and white roses and violets was from Colonel and Mrs. Buckley, another from the Old Comrades' Association, one from the King's Liverpool Regiment, from the War Memorial Committee, and the St.John Ambulance Brigade. One from the 4th Liverpool (Waterloo) Scouts was in the form of the Fleur de Lys in three silver palms, and bore an inscription "To those brother scouts whose supreme 'Good Turn' during the war cost them their lives." One large wreath from the Marine F.C. had a big ribbon bow of the club colours, gold and black. A poor widow brought a wreath in memory of three sons who were killed. There were many touching inscriptions on the cards attached to the wreaths, which were tributes to "Our only child," "Husband and only Son," "Our two dear Sons," and the like. One had "This is the Happy Warrior," and to another was attached the portrait of a happy, laughing young soldier.
     The memorial was formally given into the charge of the Council by Mr. E.P. Pearson, Chairman of the Committee, and then everyone joined in singing the hymn, "For all the Saints," Benediction was pronounced by Canon Dickson, and there was another impressive silence while the Band played Chopin's sweetly mournful Funeral March. Then the National Anthem, and the ceremony was over.
     All day Sunday crowds gathered round the memorial. It stands 23 feet 6in. high, and was designed by Mr. F.W. Doyle-Jones (Royal British Sculptors' Society). The design was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1919.

WALTON TIMES Friday 4th November 1921



     The Waterloo-with-Seaforth Council, in consequence of a complaint, have communicated with the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company with a view to the discontinuance of the use of the parapet of Great George's-road Bridge for advertising purposes. Steps are also being taken to impress upon the schoolchildren of the district the necessity of care, order, and decorum being observed when visiting the memorial.

WALTON TIMES Friday 16th December 1921