Waterloo Baptist Church









The creation of the Memorial



     A mural war memorial was unveiled at Waterloo Baptist Church on Sunday evening. Carried out in green and white marble, it is similar in design and execution, and formed the companion memorial to another one unveiled recently to the late pastor, the Rev. J.H. Atkinson.
     The unveiling ceremony was performed by Lieut.-Colonel Buckley, M.P. Recent history, he said, proved that war was a useless form of settlement, and led nowhere, but only left a great train of misery behind. Perhaps it was too much to hope that wars had ceased for ever, but they would all be determined to have the courage to do everything possible to avoid war in the future. Marshal Foch a few days ago, referring to Napoleon's failure, said that above war was peace. They were realising to-day, when, in spite of the splendid national response the war evoked, the world was in broken fragments and seething with social unrest. Such a state of affairs sometimes made them depressed, but they could take courage and hope from the spirit of the men who died, and if they had right on their side they could not lose.

WALTON TIMES Friday 13th May 1921