Walter Leslie Pringle was born at Waterloo.
He was the son of Walter Richard and Emma Pringle, of 233 Bedford Row, Rock Ferry and later of Ellerslie, The Wiend, Lower Bebington.
His brother, William Arnold Pringle, died in 1915.
A report on Walter's death appeared in the Crosby Herald on the 12th October 1918. His photo appeared in the report and is reproduced here with the kind permission of the Liverpool Daily Post & Echo.
   Private Walter Leslie Pringle, 12th Manchester Regiment, was killed instantaneously, in action, by enemy shell-fire. on 1st September, in France. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Pringle of Rock Ferry, formerly of Winstanley-road, Waterloo, received the first intimation of the sad news from a chum who was with him at the time, and who states that Leslie was a great favourite in his platoon. The deceased soldier would have been 20 years of age on the 17th instant, and has been in France for eight months. He was slightly wounded by a bomb-splinter in February. He was educated at Christ Church Schools, Waterloo, and the Merchant Taylors' School, Crosby. After some commercial experience with two city firms he took up farm work, in which he became very interested, and which helped to make him physically fit for his Army training. By his death Mr. and Mrs. have now lost both their sons through the war, he elder son, Arnold, who joined the Royal Naval Division soon after the commencement of hostilities, having died at Haslar Naval Hospital in February, 1915.

Crosby Herald 12th October 1918