Samuel Kettleday was born at Bootle in 1877 and was baptised at St.Peter's C.of E. Church, Liverpool, soon afterwards. He was the son of John Kettleday, a lathe cleaver, and Margaret Selina Kettleday (nee McDonald) who were married at St.Thomas' C.of E. Church, Toxteth Park on the 30th December 1861.
They had eleven children, six of whom survived into adulthood. The family name was spelt in a variety of ways. Samuel's siblings were; Harriet Kettledy (born 1862), Mary Jane Kettledy (born 1864), John Kettledy (born 1866), Mary Jane Kettlety (born 1868), David Kettlety (born 1869), Margaret Selina Kettlety (born 1871), Duncan Kettley (born 1874), Duncan Kettley (born 1875), Jemima Ketley (born 1880) and Duncan Kettledy (born 1882). Only Samuel's baptism record uses the surname Kettleday.
Samuel's parents were both born in Liverpool. The family lived in Toxteth Park from 1861 to 1870. They moved to 98 Buckingham Street, Everton in 1871 (surname spelt Kettley) and finally settled in Bootle c.1875. They were at 61 Orlando Street Bootle in 1901 and at 29 Stanley Road, Bootle in 1911. His father died in 1921 and his mother in 1926.
In 1891, at the age of thirteen, Samuel Kettleday was working as a post office boy. Ten years later he was a labourer and by 1911 he was a merchant seaman. He married Rosina Branigan at Southwark, London in 1912. They had one child, William Allan Kettleday, born in Woolwich in 1913. Rosina Kettleday lived with her in-laws at 29 Stanley Road, Bootle after the war and died in Bootle in 1936.
He died when the S.S. Missanabie was torpedoed and sunk off the coast of Ireland on the 9th September 1918.
His effects, probably his wages, were valued for probate at 75 14s. 11d. (just under 300 at current values.)