Antonio Street, Bootle

Antonio Street is a street like many other streets on Merseyside.
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It was built at the turn of the twentieth century, near the boundary of Bootle and Kirkdale. It runs between Stanley Road and Bedford Road and was called Touchstone Street until its name was changed in 1909. Both names, like the names of most of the streets in the area, are taken from the plays of Shakespeare. Antonio is the title character in 'The Merchant of Venice' whilst Touchstone was a court jester in 'As You Like It'.
Most of the terraced houses have six rooms with bay windows to the front and a yard at the back - where the toilet would originally have been located.
Perhaps it's only claim to fame was a visit by the Ground Force television show in 2004 to build a community garden on two pieces of local waste land (shown in green on the map below).
The street is an unusual shape, maximising the triangular plot of land next to the  railway line. There are only twenty houses - those with uneven numbers - on the north side. The longer side, to the south, has forty-nine houses.
In these sixty-nine homes nineteen lives were lost during the Great War.
At Number 4 the Palethorpe family suffered two losses; John George fell with the Canadian Infantry in France in 1915 and his younger brother Frederick was lost aboard H.M.S. Laurentic in 1917. Two families who lived at number 31 - the Beggs and the Greens - ateach lost a son.
In 1914 James Seddon, Joseph Sloey, and Sidney Buck were neighbours at Numbers 17 to 21. The three young men enlisted in the King's Liverpool Regiment and died within five days of one another at Guillemont during the Battle of the Somme. After Joseph Sloey's death his cousin, Joseph Kane, who also lived at no 19 Antonio Street, joined up "to take his place" only to fall in action himself in 1917.
Another three families, who were neighbours at Numbers 58 to 62 when the war ended, also suffered a bereavement. George Lake from Number 60 had lost his life in France in 1916 whilst William Williams and John Gregory both died at a military hospital early in 1919.

 Numbers 17 to 23 Antonio Street

9 Antonio Street Henry Bernard Brown 12th Battalion The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 3 Sep 1916
17 Antonio Street
James Seddon
(alias Alfred Ball)
8th Battalion The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 8 Aug 1916
19 Antonio Street Joseph William Sloey 8th Battalion The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 4 Aug 1916
19 Antonio Street Joseph Kane Machine Gun Corps 4 Mar 1917
21 Antonio Street Sidney Buck 5th Battalion The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 8 Aug 1916
27 Antonio Street Edward Francis Smith 19th Battalion The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 21 Dec 1917
31 Antonio Street John Hamilton Beggs Royal Engineers 8 Nov 1917
31 Antonio Street Ernest Green King's Shropshire Light Infantry 22 Mar 1918
43 Antonio Street Malcolm Shaw 12th Battalion The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 26 Jul 1918

17 Antonio Street 19 Antonio Street 21 Antonio Street 9 Antonio Street 27 Antonio Street 31 Antonio Street 43 Antonio Street 22 Antonio Street 62 Antonio Street 4 Antonio Street 60 Antonio Street 58 Antonio Street 44 Antonio Street 46 Antonio Street 84 Antonio Street 72 Antonio Street 86 Antonio Street

 Numbers 52 to 40 Antonio Street  EVEN NUMBERS
4 Antonio Street John George Palethorpe Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) 24 Apr 1915
4 Antonio Street Frederick Palethorpe H.M.S. Laurentic 25 Jan 1917
22 Antonio Street George Arthur Johnson Howe Battalion Royal Naval Division 4 Jun 1915
44 Antonio Street Thomas Stephen Corkill Royal Field Artillery 5 Apr 1918
46 Antonio Street William Sutton Royal Warwickshire Regiment 31 Aug 1918
58 Antonio Street William Williams H.M.S. Pembroke 15 Feb 1919
60 Antonio Street George Lake 20th Battalion The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 22 Nov 1916
62 Antonio Street John Gregory 13th Battalion The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 17 Jan 1919
72 Antonio Street Edward Jones S.S. Huntsmoor 20 Feb 1918
84 Antonio Street Frederick Goodwin (alias Burns) South Lancashire Regiment 2 Jun 1915
86 Antonio Street Thomas Jones Royal Field Artillery 21 Apr 1917


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