Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension

Corbie is a small town some 15 kilometres East of Amiens; situated between the River Somme and its tributary the River Ancre. For most of the First World War Corbie lay behind the front line and it was for this reason that in 1915 it became a medical centre with two Casualty Clearing Stations (No 5 and No 21) based in its suburb of La Neuville.
Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension lies north of the town down a small road, Rue des Longues Vignes, just beyond and opposite the hospital. The entrance then lies on the left, up a small slope, with the ‘Cross of Sacrifice’ facing you at the top. It houses 915 First World War CWGC graves. There are three more cemeteries with CWGC graves in the town; Corbie Communal Cemetery (249 WWI graves) which is adjacent to Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension,  La Neuville British Cemetery (861 WWI graves) and La Neuville Communal Cemetery (186 WWI graves). All contain graves of Merseyside men.
Prior to the photographs of the graves at Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension being taken (on a very wet afternoon, 4th August 2011), the McCann family had identified thirty-three of those buried there as being men from Liverpool and ten more as belonging to men from the greater Merseyside region, plus one from Chester. All, for whom service records are extant, died from wounds in No 5 Casualty Clearing Station. Three further local casualties have been identified since the 2011 visit.
In Major and Mrs. Holt’s Battlefield Guide to the Somme, they write, when describing the Somme as it is now, that boat trips can be taken along it, "which with no great stretch of the imagination, will conjure up pictures of the hospital barges which plied from the battle area to Amiens after the 1 July 1916 battles". Perhaps that was the way that many of these soldiers also made their way to Corbie.
The stories of these soldiers, be they musicians, policemen or sailors can be followed via the links below.
Row A Grave 3 Frederick JONES
Row A Grave 10 Frederick BLYTHE
Row A Grave 18 Thomas WADMAN
Row A Grave 23 Henry Clinton LASLETT
Row A Grave 32 Arthur HUNT
Row A Grave 40 Frederick John MAINEY
Row A Grave 43 Joseph William SLOEY
Row A Grave 49 Henry Doig MYERSCOUGH
Row A Grave 54 Albert Ernest HICKLING
Row A Grave 61 James FRANCE
Row A Grave 64 James JENKINS
Row A Grave 66 Robert CURWEN
Row A Grave 67 Arthur Newey HENDERSON
Row A Grave 69 Walter Sanders BAKER
Row A Grave 71 Robert ROOM
Row A Grave 75 Fred DEVEY
Row A Grave 76 Alec LINDSAY
Row A Grave 81 James MONTEITH
Row A Grave 82 James Boardman PICKETT
Row A Grave 85 Robert John CALLANDER
Row A Grave 86 David JONES
Row A Grave 88 Edwin James REID
Row A Grave 91 Jesse WHITE
Row A Grave 93 Richard Etherington MURPHY
Row A Grave 95 Harold Frank Roe JULER
Row A Grave 105 Albert HUTCHINGS
Row A Grave 108 Walter CHALMERS
Row A Grave 121 Bert HAINES
Row A Grave 123 John HARRISON
 PLOT II Rows B to G
Row B Grave 56 James McLOUGHLIN
Row B Grave 123 Edward Staveley TAYLOR
Row C Grave 20 John Joseph CONLEY
Row C Grave 24 Bertram BEESON
Row C Grave 70 Alfred Edward MOON
Row C Grave 82 Robert John TOMLINSON
Row C Grave 87 William Duncan FIELD
Row C Grave 94 Robert Boyde NELSON
Row C Grave 116 Alfred HAMER
Row D Grave 7 John Lavens REID
Row D Grave 64 Edward Thomas Arthur CUTTS
Row E Grave 2 William HARRISON


Row A Grave 4 George DEAN
Row A Grave 10 John Henry FLOCKHART
Row A Grave 40 Frederick Edwin PARR
Row A Grave 41 Robert PURNELL
Row B Grave 49 Cyril Joseph UNSWORTH
Row C Grave 29 Walter George USHERWOOD
Row C Grave 57 Cecil Magnus BELLIS
Row C Grave 59 William Alfred SMITH
Row D Grave 4 James LEE
Row D Grave 14 Michael DUFFY
Row D Grave 44 Charles WICKSTEAD
Row F Grave 28 Thomas MALEY 
Row H Grave 8 Eric KAY


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