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More than 40,000 names listed on local memorials have been recorded and uploaded to the website. In addition our database now also includes a further 4,000 local men and women who are commemorated on no surviving local memorials and 3,000 who are only commemorated at Liverpool Town Hall.
Some 22,000 Merseyside casualties have been identified by various research projects. This represents 75% of the total database.
You can search the 'Biographical Roll of Honour' of identified casualties by name, date of death, place of burial/commemoration, and ship or regiment served with. In many cases you will be redirected to an external website or directly to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.
Further options will be added via the links above that will allow you to refine your search to find, for example, only deaths in the Middle East, all casualties in a particular street, or to compare the number of officers who were educated at 'grammar' schools or 'council' schools.
If you cannot find the person you are looking for on our 'Biographical Roll of Honour' then you may wish to search the full database of 65,700 names via the Names on Memorials search facility as 25% of local casualties have yet to be identified.
If you do find details of the person you are looking for we would be delighted if you get in touch and help us to create more complete biographies.

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