S.S. Agberi


S.S. Agberi was built at Belfast in 1905 by Workman, Clark & Co. Ltd. for the Elder Dempser Line.
She was sunk off the Welsh coast by German submarine u-87 on the 25th December 1917. She was en route from Dakar, Africa to Liverpool carrying passengers and a cargo of silver and ivory.
Officially there were no casualties but the 'Elder Dempster Fleet in the War' lists the names of two crewmen who lost their lives whilst serving aboard the Agberi but who are not listed by the cwgc [see below].
'Deaths at Sea' also records the names of another Merseyside man who died whilst serving aboard the Aburi during the war period but who is not officially war dead.
Carpenter Alexander Brown was born at Edinburgh, Scotland but was resident at Liverpool Sailor's Home. He died at Liverpool of Malaria on the 13th August 1914, aged 62, having been discharged from the ship on the 23rd July 1914.
Crewmen not commemorated by CWGC
  Greaser J McSTEIN
There is no trace of a death registration for this man.
was the son of David and Elizabeth Cook of 42 Dacre Street, South Shields.
He was born at South Shields and was 30 at the time of his death.
At the time of he 1911 census James was a marine engineer and was living with his married sister, Annie J Robertson, at 44 Sandhurst Street, Toxteth Park.
The Elder Dempster Roll of Honours states that he was killed on service at Archangel, Russia on the 30th April 1916.
According to 'Deaths at Sea' he entered the Alexander II Hospital, Archangel on the 29th April 1916 and died he following day of Congestion of the brain.
Probate of his estate was obtained at Durham byhis father, David Cook, a blacksmith on the 22nd August 1916. His effects were valued at 719 1d (63,000 at current values.)