Merseyside during the Great War
Every Tuesday, from 28th January 1919 to 6th July 1920, the 'Liverpool Courier' newspaper published a special report on the contribution of the people of Merseyside to the late war under the title:

'Liverpool's Part in the War: A Record of the Naval, Military, Social, Commercial and Industrial activities of the citizens of Liverpool, Birkenhead, Bootle and Wallasey.'

Initially, the 'Liverpool Courier' intended to publish these seventy-six articles as a commemorative book but we can find no evidence that this plan was ever carried through. The express intention was "to reveal to Liverpolitans themselves the magnitude of the efforts which, as a community, they have contributed to the achievement of victory". (Part LXIX - 69)
We will be reproducing these seventy-six articles with the same intention. They are reproduced verbatim with the proviso that the style of language and attitudes exhibited are very much of their time! Neither can we can vouch for the accuracy of all of the information they set forth - but we echo the original author in hoping that you will find them interesting and informative:

"In one respect these articles will have achieved a useful purpose; they will enable future generations to discover without trouble the achievements of their forefathers during the most tragic five years in the world's history. Herein they will find a record of services rendered to the nation which but for these articles would be buried in departmental reports, forgotten save by their authors, and fading even from the memories of those who took the most active part in the proceedings which are recorded." (Part LXIV - 64)


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